The Original Vegetable Buddies
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It was late 1974 when a rag tag group of recent college grads hatched a plan to build a nightclub that would capture the spirit of the late 1960’s. The club would be decorated with siding salvaged from a dozen barns slated for demolition. The table tops would be 4’ circular slabs cut from the trunk of a 250 year old oak tree. The bar would be built from hand hewn barn beams and the music would be the best available… the best blues, rock, bluegrass, country swing and jazz that could be found. The club would be located in South Bend. Names were drawn from a hat and Vegetable Buddies was born.

The 60’s spirit styles that Buddies recaptured was to expose an explosion of musical styles, with a flagrant disregard for profit motive. “Real” was the word that best captures the flavor of the club. There was a complete and utter lack of pretense… everything, including the music had to be as real as the barn wood siding on the wall.

The club opened in early 1976 and closed in 1980, long before blues music was to be featured on every other beer commercial. Buddies struggled to bring different and diverse musical styles to the Michiana area and fighting to keep traditional music alive during the disco era. In the process, a legendary club took its place in the hearts of thousands who loyally frequented the place.

Vegetable Buddies


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